Surf Therapy

What is Surf and Ocean Therapy?

Surf and Ocean Therapy is an evidenced based therapy that has been shown to help improve overall happiness, decrease mental health, and lead to behavioral changes. There is evidence that it helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, and addiction. Additionally, it can help people of marginalized communities feel supported and connected, help people with cystic fibrosis ease their symptoms, and help people with physical disabilities feel more comfortable in their own body. 

"Is there anything a good day of surfing can't cure?" -Beau Flemister

Surf therapy is "A method of intervention combining surf instructing/surfing and structured individual or group activities that promote psychological, physical and psychosocial well-being," according to the International Surf Therapy Organization, ISTO

Surf therapy goes beyond just surfing. Studies have shown that surfing is just the beginning. Being in the ocean, near the ocean, swimming, stand-up-paddle boarding, and a variety of other ocean related activities can still provide the same benefits. By simply connecting to our Blue Mind by being on or near water elevates the levels of negatively charged ions, which are responsible for causing our brain to release serotonin and lower our stress levels. 

Surf and Ocean therapy helps a variety of conditions and symptoms including:  

Increasing mindfulness

Building self-efficacy

Activating a “Flow state”

Reducing cravings

Reducing anxiety/depression/PTSD symptoms

Alleviating insomnia

Improving cognitive concentration

There are two options for signing up for surf therapy: you can sign up for Surf and Ocean therapy on the Gulf Coast through Stillwater Therapy, or you can sign up for Surf therapy on the East Coast through Stoked on Life Palm Beach.

If you are looking to start Surf and Ocean therapy on the Gulf coast through stand up paddle boarding or just being near the water, you can contact us at Stillwater Therapy directly. We are currently working on getting people to connect to their Blue Mind throughout Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and beyond. For more information on getting started on the Gulf Coast of Florida, please contact Stillwater Therapy

I've also recently started working with Stoked on Life Palm Beach to expand the access of surf therapy. If you are on the East coast and would like to try Surf Therapy in Palm Beach, you can sign up through the Stoked on Life website. Stoked on life currently offers 4- or 8-week programs. To sign up for one of their programs, please visit their website.