Anxiety can be crippling.

Some people experience anxiety when bad things are happening. Others, experience it in an almost constant state. You are not alone. It can come out of nowhere and knock us to the ground. You can feel the tightness in your chest, and you're not sure when it appeared, but you can't remember a time without it. Your mind might be racing, and seemingly running around in circles. 

How can therapy help anxiety?

Therapy can help by...

We can heal the underlying issue causing our anxiety, and practice embracing the feeling. We can sit down and listen to our emotions. Anxiety may be your primary feeling, or it may be a front for other uncomfortable emotions. 

We can teach our brain that we don't need to run from our emotions, but rather we can listen and process through them. Embracing our feelings help us realize that they might not be that scary after all. Working with a therapist can help give you the tools to manage these strong emotions. 

What can cause anxiety?

Anxiety can be caused by many things. Anything, really. Some common causes are: 

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