EMDR Intensive Retreat

Intensive therapy, quicker results

If you need help dealing with mental health right now and need an intense solution to your struggles, or if it's easier on your schedule to book a week-long program rather than extended once-a-week sessions, then our EMDR Intensive Retreat might be perfect for you!

Our EMDR Intensive Retreat option is available for those who want to expedite their treatment results. When multiple sessions are compacted into just days, we are able to fit up to months of healing into a short amount of time. There is mounting evidence that increasing the frequency of EMDR treatments greatly improves the outcome. The intensive appointment length allows us to end your session at a much lower level of distress, and make more progress in a shorter amount of time. For more information on what EMDR is, click here


In our EMDR Intensive Retreat, the EMDR process is carried out on an expedited schedule, enabling a more profound and focused examination of traumatic experiences. The prologues and frequent sessions help the mind remain in the therapeutic zone, thereby amplifying the processing of traumatic memories. 

Our EMDR Intensive Retreat presents a range of advantages that render them at attractive option for many seeking treatment. A notable benefit lies in the expedited healing process. Due to the concentration of sessions, individuals often witness significant progress in a shorter duration compared to conventional weekly therapy. The evidence shows that increasing the frequency of EMDR treatments, as we do in our EMDR Intensive Retreat, improves treatment outcomes. 

Another significant advantage is the reduction in overall treatment time. Instead of investing months or even years in traditional therapy, individuals may find relief and healing within a matter of days or weeks. EMDR Intensive 

What to expect

The EMDR Intensive Retreat begins with a 2 hour initial assessment on day one. This will determine if EMDR is the right fit for you, give you much more information on the EMDR process, and provide us a "road map" of the targets you want to tackle in our time together. 

During the days 2-4, we will dive into the reprocessing phase of EMDR. We will bring up the targets that we discussed during our initial assessment and begin to reprocess them. 

On the last day, we will close up any unfinished targets, set you up for future situations, and close up our therapy process. If you require more therapy, or if we aren't able to 

Of course, therapy isn't linear and sometimes people require additional time to process their memories. However, starting with out intensive retreat will give you the immediate, intensive care that you need to kick off your healing journey.


The EMDR Intensive Retreat is two hours per day, five days in a row.

Day 1: two hour initial appointment 

Days 2-4: two hour processing appointment

Day 5: setting you up for future success, and closing discussions.

To schedule your EMDR intensive retreat, please call (or text, or email) us directly, or schedule a 15-minute phone call using the link below. Get started today!


Typically, you can get started in as little as one week!

The EMDR Intensive Retreat is $1,150. This is the total cost for all 5 days.

If you are coming from out of the immediate area, please let us know as we do have hotel room blocks for this program.

Due to the intensive nature of this program, if you need to cancel or reschedule, it is required that you do so at least 7 days in advance. 

For questions, more information, or to schedule your EMDR Intensive Retreat, schedule a 15-minute phone call with us here, call or text us (813-803-0961), or send us an email at info@stillwater-therapy.com.


What is EMDR? 

I'm so glad you asked! We have a whole page dedicated to this answer here :)

Can I do a virtual EMDR Intensive Retreat? 

Yes! As long as you are in the state of Florida, the EMDR Intensive Retreat can be done virtually. 

When can I do this? 

Contact us to schedule! The EMDR Intensive Retreat is 2 hours per day, 5 days in a row. To view available appointment times, please reach out to us. Most people can get started in as little as one week!

How do I know if this is right for me?

EMDR is an evidence based therapeutic treatment model. It has been proven to work with a variety of mental illnesses, including anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, depression, PTSD, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, OCD, and personality disorders. 

Like most things in life, therapy isn't a one-size-fits-all system. What works for some people may not work for you, and just because EMDR has proven to be effective across a variety of cases, doesn't mean I can guarantee it'll work for you. However, during our initial phone call and first day of information gathering, your therapist will continuously evaluate if EMDR might be a good fit. If your therapist thinks you'd be a good fit for EMDR, we can continue forward. If not, there are a variety of other treatment methods we can use. 

What if I need more than just one week of treatment? 

Our EMDR Intensive Retreat is designed to give you a jumpstart to healing. This doesn't mean you'll be "cured" in just 5 days, but most people start to see improvements during that time. If you need more therapy, you have the option to do another EMDR Intensive Retreat, standard EMDR therapy (once or twice per week), or standard talk therapy. Some people would like to continue EMDR to continue working on the events we originally discussed or would like to continue processing other events in their life. 

If you'd like to continue EMDR therapy, or standard talk therapy, you can talk to your therapist directly, or contact us here to set that up!

Will insurance cover this?

At this time, we do not bill through insurance. We are able to provide you with a Superbill for reimbursement, however, most insurance companies will not cover an intensive retreat like this. Please contact your insurance company for more information. 

What if I already go to therapy?

The EMDR Intensive Retreat can be done in conjunction with standard therapy. It is best (but not required) to tell your current therapist that you are doing something like this, so they can adequately adjust their treatment plans if need be. 

Current clients of Stillwater Therapy (who have been seen for at least 3 sessions) should discuss this with your therapist. Your therapist will help determine if in-session EMDR or the EMDR Intensive Retreat is the right fit for you.