Life Changes

When life is different...

Suddenly, life doesn't seem to fit anymore.  Changes can make everything feel different. You may be able to identify a single change, like a break-up, a new job, or a move, or maybe it's an ongoing feeling, like burnout, work stress, or even just waking up one day and not feeling like yourself anymore. We are here to help. These changes can be scary. Walking through these changes can feel lonely.

We can help with that.

Together, we can process through all the emotions (good and bad) that come with these life changes. We will work to reframe thoughts into something more manageable and come up with a game plan for how to continue moving forward and make sense of it all. Thinking about these things alone can make us spiral and fixate on everything that is going to be different. Talking this through with a therapist can help us get out of the downward spiral and put one foot in front of the other. Changes are (unfortunately) a part of life, so let us help you learn to celebrate new beginnings.